The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).

Et Cetera

What is General Paper?

An Advanced (A) Level subject in Singapore.

What is this other thing called Project Work?

A Higher 1 (H1) subject in the new A Level curriculum (phased in from 2006).

The most current syllabuses for both subjects can be downloaded from the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board’s website.

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  1. Hi – I am from MOE. Don’t really know your name, but I am keen to talk to you about how you use Web resources for GP. And also if you would be open to sharing your knowledge / experiences with other educators? Could you email me please? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. sundeep gurung said:

    Hi i am a student of general paper and i am from nepal.

  3. hi , i am suraj – I am from nepal. Donโ€™t really know your name, but I am keen to talk to you about how you use Web resources for GP. And also if you would be open to sharing your knowledge / experiences with other educators? Could you email me please? Thanks

  4. Hi Suraj

    Thanks for your comment and question. I’ve emailed you.

  5. …but why is suaraj’s comment identical to the comment by the moe guy?

  6. Well it is almost identical. Surely you’re not accusing him of plagiarism, are you? But you’re right, it seems a bit creepy. I didn’t realise it until you pointed it out.

    I haven’t gotten a reply from Suraj though.

  7. Sumreenah Farrukh said:

    Hi everyone,

    I was actually searching something regarding general paper and landed over here…

    But i thought I would better share my dilemma as it could be yours too, in future if you are taking general paper.

    I had General paper in A levels and now I have been applying to different colleges in Canada, and they said ‘ General Paper is not an A level subject ‘.

    They dont even accept it for 12 grade english.

    So I would advise all of you to discuss this with your schools, and see what it holds for you in future.

    No one notified me about all this so now I am stuck in this problem.

    Watch out people…


    Sumreenahh Farrukh.

  8. hi this is bikalpa in nepal. i am currently taking my general paper in the A level. GP is only an AS level course as i know and is not equivalent to 12 grade english. i am taking the exams this november, could anyone send me some infos about the subject- the techniques please mail me at

  9. Hi. I stumbled upon this blog when I was researching about GP. I find this site very useful for me, since I’m a private student and will be sitting for GP this year.

    Was wondering if you could provide me pointers on how I could use this site effectively. I see a lot of useful information. I don’t know where to start though.

    Appreciate your reply via email or this site, thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi, I’m currently a J1 GP student. I was looking through GP essay mark scheme and I saw that for content, the Grade A – Excellent awards marks ranging from 26 – 30. I think for a student with a weaker language ability, I must score is the content section. Is it possible to score A in content section? Do you need to fulfill specific requirements, e.g at least 5 relevant evidences in 1 paragraph? Have you any sample essays that scored an A grade in content section? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • It might be difficult to be interesting if your language abilities are so poor that they get in the way of putting across what you have in mind. Even though it is labelled as ‘content’, language skills are still needed to structure and convey the ideas in an intelligible and concise manner and also to demonstrate sensitivity and awareness. So the two criteria are not really discrete. This is my interpretation of the rubric.

      • Oh okay….There’s no hope for my GP paper tomorrow then…Any last minute survival tips? ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Well, at least you’ve looked at the rubric. Read some model essays in a few topics. Remember how to write the introduction, how to develop a body paragraph and how to write a concluding paragraph. Remember the criteria for the AQ and how it differs from the essay in Paper 1. Rest up well tonight. Plan. Manage your time. Check your work. Write clearly… (Your language abilities don’t seem so bad actually.)

  11. Saad Sheikh said:

    Hey guys, i was looking up for general paper’s syllabus as in advanced level NOT advanced subsidary, i have already given the exam of AS and i have to give Alevel exam now to full my me out if you know whats the syllabus for alevels Gp. The second half, someone i know told me that there are comprehensions in paper 2..but couldn’t find the syllabus on here..HELP ME! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I’m from VJ too! ๐Ÿ™‚ love the articles and videos you post!

  13. what do you mean General paper is not even equivalent to 12th grade english?, how embarrassing could that be, can anyone please reply to this

  14. Well i guess your name is gimster , um im taking GP in AS level and im from Malaysia , i find this paper a bit confusing and im targeting for an A plus in this subject, can you please e mail me of ways to get excellent result in GP

  15. Dr. Norman D. Livergood said:

    Please remove any and all writings of mine from your site, as these are copyright-protected sources.
    Dr. Norman D. Livergood

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