The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).


Why you should check in every now and then

  • The same reasons as for the students
  • So you can spot my errors – factual, technical or grammatical – before some smart aleck student, duly concerned parent or my bosses do, and promptly inform me at hoe(dot)gimyau(at)vjc(dot)sg
  • Be inspired to become a contributor


By being a contributor. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for an account at You don’t actually have to start a working blog; you just need an account.
  2. Send me an email at hoe(dot)gimyau(at)vjc(dot)sg
  3. Check your account to see if you’ve been made a contributor. (If I see that your email is from an MOE account, I’ll let you in for sure.)

Comments on: "Teachers" (10)

  1. Faith Ong said:

    Would like to join in.

  2. would like to have as much heilp as possible from contributors to publish a gp txt bearing in mind the new me on
    any past comprehension passage any gp essay anything will do.
    thank you.

    • hamida osman said:

      Have been thinking about doing a book on GP for a long time. Would love to team up with you.

    • I am NESTOR GANDIKA a GP teacher at GS shwemu Rwanda, Western Province, Rubavu district, Rugerero Sector.
      Thank you very much for helping me to find GP syllabus related to rwandan curricula. The most urgent by the time is about:
      – peace and conflict
      – citizenship
      – economic development

      have a good day


    • I will be happy to contribute (I am GP teacher). Please let me know your plans and the layout of your book. Regards from Crisp Satay.

  3. wld like to join

  4. a good website with good initiatives!

    keep up the good work

  5. BlalalO said:

    anything on photography ?

  6. Hello, from the United States! I am a General Paper 8004 teacher in Florida. Please share my blog with your fellow colleagues, as it may provide some helpful materials. For Teachers: The Global Pen, And for Students: The GP Indie, Cheers!

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