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Students of GP

Hi everyone,

There have been quite a few comments on this page asking for help with GP, and I’m sorry I haven’t responded to them for a while.

Even though I won’t be attending to this blog regularly, it shall remain as a reference for those who seek ideas for tackling the subject of GP.

All the best wishes,


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(Updated 23 October 2008)

Comments on: "Students of GP" (75)

  1. Dushan Boodhena said:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am desperately looking for a glossary of terms used in general paper questions. Terms like “discuss critically…”, ” compare and contrast…”, “justify..”. I want to know what exactly examiners expect from a student when s/he uses such terms in questions.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi Dushan Boodhena

    I thought I posted a reply to your question but I don’t see it anymore. The short answer is to Google ‘essay question key words’. You should find some good sites for your question on the first page of search results.

  3. Hi,
    It’s great to know that such general paper blog exist!How I wish I discover this great website earlier!Overall,the information is well-organized and the content is highly-relevant to current issues.Keep up the good work!

  4. great website! thanks! πŸ™‚

  5. this is really helpful. thanks for taking the effort to do it!
    i am sure all of us will benefit πŸ˜€

  6. sunil thapa said:

    i am good at body paragraphs but i find difficulty in writing the introduction.can u help me how to make my introduction more strong and intrestion.

  7. This is indeed a great website for GP students. Keep up the excellent job!

  8. hi.during essay planning i have no difficulty coming out the points for the topic but i have trouble expressing my ideas out and usually i will penalise heavily on my should i improve on it?

  9. Hey Weiling

    It’s not easy, but you’ll just have to be more conscious when writing. One main objective in practice is to learn from your errors. Figure out what’s wrong with those expressions marked out, and commit to not making the same errors again. Go back to the essays that were marked and given back to you.

    Also, when reading articles, look out for expressions which remind you of those ideas you have had trouble conveying, and commit these to memory as well.

    Sorry. No short cuts.

  10. hmmm. i don’t take gp. wish there was a ki site.

  11. Hi there,
    Well, I am a student from Mauritius and among my subjects, I study GP too. I am really a dummy in writing essay. Can someone tell me where can I get the notes/resources to put in my essays??

    And yes, one more thing, I’ve been trying to figure out from where the teachers get their resources. I wish I could grab all GP notes because I am in great needs now( Today is the 17th Oct 2007 and next week I have GP paper 1-essay writing paper)

    If someone could help me, it would be appreciated since I am passing through a bad phrase right now.

    Hope to hear from all the guys who reads my essay.

    • thakur baruwal said:

      plz go through google and get the related ideas from there.and one thing go through different fiction ,saying by gifferent experts,use phrases while writing essay.and lastly get contain with strong language

  12. I think your website is really COOL!=)

  13. hi! writing you from mauritius..

    i think your website will be of great help to students in gp… and thats really cool.

  14. PRISKA Appanah said:


    Your website for G.P student is very cool. I have got an essay to do title ‘Should a woman receive higher education even if she is not to take employment afterwards’. please help me!!!

  15. Hi Priska Appanah

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Your question is too vague though.

    I suggest you look under the Gender category
    for possible leads. Brainstorm and plan. Ask yourself what you need to know to answer the question, based on your knowledge of the general requirements of essays. I don’t know what level of development you are at and I’m not providing a essay outline on demand service here. πŸ˜‰

  16. […] 9, 2006 La la la… Somebody say something so I don’t keep talking to […]

  17. hi,
    do you have any tips on how to tackle AQ that is asked in comprehension paper?

  18. This blog has a search function. Entering ‘application’ into the search box on the right sidebar will pull out some pages, including the ones relevant to your question. I’ll filter this out in a new blog post, but you should be aware of the search function, and try it before posting a question in the future.

  19. […] March 17, 2008 Resources for the AQ, already listed in this blog, in response to this question […]

  20. Hello! I am a JC student taking GP and I think this blog is wonderful. Thanks for putting in so much effort to categorise everything and adding in quotes and facts which will come in useful when we write our essays. It’s really rare to find a one-stop source for all things GP-related. I’ll be checking back often! (:

  21. i’m a JC student too and i really love this website.
    i was just doing some last minute reading for tomorrow’s GP paper and chanced upon this blogsite.
    there is a mountain of readings that i can read up on. am really thankful πŸ™‚

    anyway, i also chanced upon an old GP essay done by this RJ student who argued the redundancy of writing GP essays. she came out topping her level for her promos. wondering whether you’re interested in reading it πŸ™‚

  22. Hi, it’s great. I’ve just dicovered this site. In fact am not a student but my son has taken GP and am looking for some tips how to help him. I wish to know if there are some sites where it can help him to work on this subject. I thank you all beforhand for your great and precious help. Am from Mauritius , If I can help plse feel free and I will do my best for you
    Take care all

  23. In fact my son is not that good in General Paper but he is bound to applies himself if he wants to succeed. Thanks again for this wonderful treasure and tools.

  24. yo nice site. just reading it coz im a borderline gp failure lol

  25. wad is a gp? is it like somekind of SAT or TOEFL? pls help..

  26. Hi there, can someone post something on summary skills please. I’m rather weak in summary, a few pointers in improving my summary skills would greatly be appreciated. Thanks a million.

  27. yes, i am in total agreement with what aaron just said. Summaries can be a real pain in the nut especially when 2 – 3 tasks are required of you. So, any general tips on perhaps how to structure and prioritise ze points? Many thanks! This site is insanely helpful!!

  28. Aww gee, you people are too kind. It’s really nice to know that people are using the blog. All right then. I’ll see what I can scare up. You probably don’t use ‘ze’ in your GP writing, I hope.

  29. […] Because of the sweet comments from ssdd and others, I’ve been inspired to blog a […]

  30. hi there, thanks a lot for the informations on the summary. Do any one of you have any more information on the General Paper Comprehension Part whereby how or is there a proper way to tackle the questions and hit it spot on instead of drifting all around the question and not getting the answer in the end. It is quite frustrating to be unable to get the points because you cannot answer it in the way the question desire. PLEASE HELP.

  31. To all the S’porean students who will be sitting for the GP Paper at 0800 hours in the morning tomorrow!

    If you’re reading this, all the best for your paper~!(which is probably over)..hahah

    btw, gimster where do you lecture man?…hmm food for thought indeed.

  32. hey ssdd…yea i’m sittin for gp 2morrow…chanced upon this website…nw linkin everywhere desperate for something for 2morrow’s paper…all e best to all sporeans!

  33. Im sitting for the GP paper too…TODAY.

    Yup, look at the timestamp. It’s 2.22 in the morning. Can’t sleep. Im doomed. Help! 😦

  34. hey what’s up gimster? keep up the good work. happy new year.

  35. Hi, your Gp programme really inspires. It is also wonderful and entertaining and can educate all who will be part. please continue and never get tired. Best regards.

  36. hi gimster,,

    the exams are in 3 months and am very worried about the gp papers. particularly in writing good and elaborated english, i mean using high vocabulary words, structures, etc..

    could you help. what should i do?

    thanking you in advance.

    • Hi fbt

      One thing I think my students don’t do enough is looking at their marked work. You seem to have internalised some of the concepts needed to do well in GP. Now, go to the work that your GP tutor has marked for you and look at the comments to see what you have done right and where you are lacking. Try to develop an overall idea of what you should keep doing and what you should stop doing. For the latter, look out for recurrent errors, especially. Finally, talk to your GP tutor after you’ve done your part, and see what he or she says. Let your tutor know what you’ve been doing to improve your GP; you’ll make your tutor very happy.

  37. Thanks of bringing out this great site for us

  38. hi i am gp student from nepal.
    i have a query that whether the cie examination has lower threshhold than that we usually excercise in our school’s internal assisments???? we have generally threshold (70+) for a 65+ for b and 50+ for c .

  39. this is a very useful website! if only i found this website earlier and not just three months before As =(

    thanks for the tips!

  40. this is a very useful web site to everyone!!!

  41. GREAT website!!! hopefully i can improve my GP soon.. plus im wondering how to get GP notes..I seriously need it cause i want to improve my GP badly…thanks.. please reply xp

  42. Richard said:

    Excellent website. πŸ™‚

  43. Hello
    Please please please let me know, that is general paper only an AS Level subject?
    Dont we have an A2 or Alevel qualification for it? What im saying is that, CIE has only mentioned the AS Level syllabus on its site, eventhough ive seen books titled ‘A Level General Paper’
    Which is why im confused, and i need a third Alvl qualification for my university, but im looking for an easy subject
    Please let me know

  44. Hey, thanking all concerned for building this site and Thank God i have found the site in time!
    I am also a GP, A-Level student from Nepal and again, really weak in the essays. Actually, we’ve got internal exams tomorrow but atleast this site will be helpful to appear the CIE exams. So, please help me make a good start for writing GP essays enough to bring good grades.
    Thanks to all!Please, Gimster reply soon!

  45. hopefully this website can countinue 2 bring benefits 4 all regardless anyone sits 4 the exam or not.

  46. Hi

    is the link for rjc not working? i cant seem to access it.

  47. Hello everyone! I just wanted to share the link below with all the GP exam takers this year. It’s an event aimed to regroup all the GP students from around the world for an online mock exam on the 20th of May. Essays written will be graded and evaluated for free by world and country toppers in General Paper. The best essays will also be rewarded.

    You can also check the facebook page below for more information on the event:!/event.php?eid=172 164196170164

    Please participate as it will be a good learning experience for all of you.

  48. helo I wish to have some help am from mauritius and i’m a private candidates the exam is very soon and it seems that i heve not master my gp yet. please help mr

  49. Gaurav Tripathee said:

    I failed General Paper for two times. I tried so hard to pass out but i couldnt. Where should I give more focus at? What I need to do? please help me

    • FRAGRANCE said:

      just a words for you, work hard don’t give up, have question must ask your’s sch teachers. jie you.and go popular books shops looks for A LEVEL H1 GENERAL PAPER PAPER 1 & 2 EXAMINATION QUESTIONS 2006 – 2015 AND SOLUTIONS BOOKS. GOOD LUCK THIS TIMES.

  50. Varousha Raman said:

    Hi guys.. I am from Mauritius Island and i am facing many problems to write data response for my GP exams this year.. I am afraid.. please help me.. i think i need some models answers of exam papers.. thanks in advance.. πŸ™‚

  51. How are General paper Data response exercises marked?

  52. General paper is one of the most interesting papers in the academic enhancement and career. This is because, it tackles all the aspects of the society such as Religion, education, Politics, Economy, Culture, Women emancipation, famine, wars, Marriage, Child abuse, Juvenile delinquency etc.

  53. Excellent site

  54. I shall begin.

  55. Nice website!!

  56. Hi please do update your articles! Its been 6 months. I REALLY DO APPRECIATE YOUR HELP! :))

  57. nilamaks said:

    sole solution to all the bloggers questions is to READ! read and read and read ofcourse english

  58. i’ve got “d” in my GP exam bt many universities ask for minimum of “c” … can good score in TOEFL solve my problem ?? it would b very helpful if i would get the correct information ..

    • Hi Durlav,

      Please see the specific requirements of the university you want to join because different universities value GP differently. Some universities don’t even give any credit to GP at all. That means, you might not have to worry about your GP scores or retake the exam if the university you want to join value it greatly.

      In any way, your better TOEFL score will definitely help you as TOEFL scores are more universal and more acceptable than that of GP.

      Hope this helps thanks!

  59. i think i am not so good in using language. what can i do to improve this

  60. hi,
    i have just started my AS. and i am not doing soo good in it. i had a test today and i was lost the whole time during the test. i need help.

  61. for general paper.(sorry forgot to add the main thing in.)

  62. what are some techinical terms for general paper?
    like pragmatism..holocast and all..HELP PLEASE!

  63. Great site.. I like it πŸ™‚ I don’t teach GP but I teach a similar subject in Malaysia, which they call Malaysian University English Test. Whatever the label may be, to me, it’s GP :)) This site is most helpful to me in my work. Keep it up!

  64. hi i am hemant from Mauritius, i am an AS level student of gp and i would be glad if someone would tell me how to make an essay better??

  65. Tatheer akbar said:

    I am glad I found this blog. It is really helpful. I need to know how can we increase our vocabulary because this is where i lack during my gp assessments and i really cannot judge myself whether my essays are as good as to achieve A grade or not. Please help me!
    Thankyou πŸ™‚

  66. very good resources here…gimster can you please post some data response questions with answers??? thks

  67. Deepika said:

    I have ideas but I have problems with actually organising them. Can you please help!!

  68. Hi. I just wanted to ask a question. I gave my gp exams and got a C grade with 68 percentile. So is that bad? I mean will I need to give it again? I am infact a science student so is GP exteremly important. I just wanted to know. Will be really glad to get your help.

  69. Hello.. Actually I’ve just started doing GP at school.. And I really feel like I’m not mature enough to be able to respond to questions and write essays like my other friends do… I can see that everyone is being able to tackle perfectly any question given to them but I cannot.. i can notice that my way of answering questions is not like a mature person would answer.. I cannot communicate to my GP teacher and friends in class because I don’t have complex and sophisticated ideas like they have.. I’ve been doing my research on the topics given to me but I still don’t feel confident.. Do you have any suggestion for my problem? i would really appreciate it if you could be of any help to me.. i’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.. Thanks.

  70. Ritik Raj sarraf said:


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