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Social Media

Take these statistics with a pinch of salt – It’d be good to track down the sources at and evaluate their reliability, if you can find them…


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  1. Hi, I chanced upon your website while looking for GP stuff. Do you happen to have examples of well-written replies to AQs? Teachers usually only give outlines or points to students without really explaining how the points should be distributed and paragraph should be structured.

    For example, when required to use points from two passages, is it ok to include discrete main points from the different passages in a single paragraph? How many points should I address to be safe? How much balance should there be in an AQ reply?

    I like your site but sad to say, most GP teachers I encounter are lacking in many areas.

  2. Thank you for the compliment. However, this is not the appropriate platform to air your grievances. Please obtain the exemplars and advice from your GP tutor (teacher).

    When two points, one from each passage, address a similar topic, it makes sense to put them together in one paragraph in your AQ response.

    I find your complaint about ‘teachers’ to be probably unfair. You wouldn’t know of enough of their practice in class to make an accurate assessment.

    All the best for your education and examinations.

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