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Two Education Models

Which one is more like the one you’re accustomed to? Which one would you really prefer and why?


Comments on: "Two Education Models" (4)

  1. I was really impressed after watching the video of the Finnish Education system. Such novel and exciting lessons really serve well to spur the child’s learning. The run-of-the-mill lessons where there is only one-way interaction just functions to feed students with information. This could possibly change the stereotypes of schooling within students themselves. Improving teaching standards and quality is very well a worthy investment in education.We should try to adopt such methods since Education is so much emphasized upon in our society where our only resource is our people.

  2. nadyaithninismyname said:

    I too think that the Finland’s better 2 be practised in Singapore too. As compared to the other , education’s not only way to be so stressed upon.

  3. v insightful. thanks ­čÖé

  4. I would prefer Finland education as compared to South Korea’s education. It can be clearly seen that academically successful students is not driven through the amount of work of given or how much work is done. There are different ways on how to educate students. However, teaching creatively will interest the student more about what they are going to learn. This will probably allow the students to be able to think innovatively and apply what they have learnt into real life situation too. I think that there is a need to improve the teaching method so as to nurtue more creative minds.

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