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How hard is GP?

I mentioned stumbling upon this blog post to one of my classes the other day, but couldn’t give a very clear account of it. So here’s a big block quote from it:

General Paper in JC: A very advanced form of English subject

For the purpose of discretion, the friend in discussion is not to be named here. So let me just rename him: “Kenji”.

I could recall that in his phonecalls, there isn’t a single time that Kenji does not whine about the subject called General Paper. And since I barely knew anything about it, I could offer no sympathy to him.

Then three days ago, I asked him on phone, “Hey, why don’t you send me a sample paper of GP exam?”

“OK”, he replied.

That same night he e-mailed me the comprehension section (P2) sample of GP test paper from the “Catholic Junior College Promotional Exam 2002”.

My first reaction was… gape.

Nope, not bewilderment, not confusedness, but a mere gape.

Then I mouthed, “What the F”£$%^&* !!”

It was notoriously fiendish!!!

Don’t ask me to compare it to any other standardised English tests, it is already 20 times harder than ‘O’-level English paper alone. Thus, in a rough comparison, the GP paper is 200 times harder than TOEFL.

Or more.

Click here to go to the source and read the rest.

I find it hilarious. But it’s also good for you students to tell yourself that you will find it difficult. Still, you should try, because other have, and many of them did well.


Comments on: "How hard is GP?" (2)

  1. Hey, thx for giving that link to my blog. Why do you find it hilarious anyway? Having a slight look at your blog link, I presume that you’re a GP teacher, is that true? If yes,which JC do you teach in? 🙂

  2. Hi Toshihiko,

    I ought to thank you for that post and linking to my blog in the first place.

    It’s hard and not very fun to analyse humour, but in this case it might be the impact of being hit by the great truth, the insight provided by your writing.

    Yes, I am a GP teacher, and there are clues on this blog as to where I teach. 😉

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