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Online Survey Services

I’m looking to use an online survey service to collect information on my students.

Wikipedia has an article on online questionnaires

Free services and some of their limitations


  • Limited to 100 responses per survey
  • Maximum 30 questions per survey
  • See survey responses for 10 days
  • Tried to create a survey based on the demographic template but hit a bug while trying to delete a question with skip logic


  • Maximum 18 questions per survey

  • Limited to 100 responses per survey
  • Maximum 10 questions per survey
  • Easy to use
  • Examples provided for each question type

A more extensive discussion on online surveys can be found here.


Comments on: "Online Survey Services" (1)

  1. In addition to the sites you mention, you could try a site called SurveyCapture (

    You can create and test surveys for free.
    Only pay when you publish/distribute the survey with up to 10,000 responses in the basic subscription package.

    The subscription is under $10 a month and includes many of the features that are normally extra (security, skip logic etc.).

    You can also get 10% off the subscription price if you register with promotion code 52525.

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