The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).

I was actually ‘cybersquatting’ on Wetpaint, a free wiki hosting service, since August 31. But I have just created the main page for it. You might want to be among the first to leave your erasable mark on the wiki, which can be edited anonymously for now. Go to

So why a wiki and why Wetpaint? I hope that a wiki will get more people involved. There is also more structure in a wiki than in a blog, so having students handle that aspect might help them understand the concept of text structure better. It will probably make it easier for people to find the information they need as well.

I’ve actually taken up a wiki URL with wiki dot as well, but somehow it didn’t feel so inviting. Being inviting is very important for my intention to engage the students. Also I’ve found Wetpaint to be very easy to use.

One grouse, however, is the inability to add link anchors within a page for quick navigation. As more content is added to the wiki at Wetpaint, I will be increasingly unwilling to try some other wiki hosting service.

UPDATE 30 December 2007:

Had a look at Wikispaces, which seems quite popular and has the page protection feature. So I got myself a space there as well. If you’re wondering which wiki farm to use, check out this Wikipedia article. The Wikispaces interface also uses tabs, which would give the wiki a more current feel and make it look less cluttered. There’s also a feature to integrate with a TypePad blog. Too bad this one’s a WordPress.

Also quite persuasive is the backup function to save the whole wiki as a file. Wetpaint does not have that (at the moment). One Wetpaint user mentions using the ScrapBook extension for firefox to back up pages.

But I don’t like the big buttons that scream at me to upgrade to get additional features. Wetpaint seems to be faster in updating changes as well, at least from where I am now.

And here’s a well developed wiki entry on practical advice for classroom use. Also, a well researched article on wiki pedagogy referenced by the wiki entry.


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