The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).


For the Application Question, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of cognitive skills

Has been defined as:

  • the ability to make a judgement about the value of something by using a standard;
  • ability to judge value for purpose; base on criteria; support judgment with reason. (No guessing)
  • the ability to evaluate a total situation, to judge the value of material for a certain purpose, combining the elements of all the other categories [within Bloom’s taxonomy] and also value judgements based on defined, fixed criteria


appraise, criticize, compare, support, conclude, discriminate, contrast, summarise, explain, judge, critique, justify


Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

Cornell Center for Learning and Teaching

Mattson Middle School

Evaluating Arguments

(updated 23 August 2007)

Arguments and their Evaluation – University of Northern Colorado

Developing and Evaluating Arguments – University of Sussex

Evaluating Arguments – Central European University

Presenting, Explaining and Evaluating Arguments – University of Colorado


Comments on: "Evaluation" (6)

  1. how come student’s from VJ have never known the existence of this site?!
    Its pretty useful!

  2. […] Evaluation and evaluating arguments […]

  3. unsafest said:

    Wow this site really has a wide network of resources that’s really useful!!
    Thanks and Keep up the great work!!

  4. Hey, the words ‘justify’, ‘support’ and ‘conclude’ are each repeated twice.

  5. Thanks for spotting the repetitions, Steph.

  6. oots= = nice efforts 😀 thumb up to whoever made this…..

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