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An Inconvenient Truth

Have you seen the Oscar-winning documentary?

Read the range of reviews and user’s comments at

Check out the film’s website

While watching the movie (three times and counting), I drew this mind map:

which I exported in PDF format

and Jpeg,

using Freemind

Let me know if you want the mind map in the freemind format so you can edit it or use it for presentations. (Leave your email.)


Comments on: "An Inconvenient Truth" (5)

  1. fattercat said:

    Green layout : D

  2. Found this article while searching for freemind. Nice app. I wonder if Mr. Gore would consider using FM in the future to better map out his movies. Most of An Inconvenient Truth was well done, but the American audience needs more excitement. You know how Hollywood-fed we all are đŸ˜¦
    btw, please drop the mindmap by email. Danke!

  3. sorry, email is

  4. It’s great please send it to

  5. Hello,

    I’m really interested in the freemind format of your mindmap.
    Thanks in advance!

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