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A seminal idea?

Miss Ong MY over at MI posted about a mnemonic system to help in generating ideas. I have seen this in handouts for essay planning from at least one junior college (not mine) but wondered if might be too risque. Well, since so many people are doing it…

Miss Ong refers to ‘concept/topic areas’, but I was thinking we might think of them as perspectives or points of view and concerns. This is an extract of what she posted:

You can also approach [an issue] in terms of concept/ topic areas. [SPERM]
S – Social/ Socio-cultural/ Scientific (Technological) / Sports
P – Psychological/Physical/ Political / Philosophical/ Personal (Individual)
E – Environmental/ Educational/ Economic/ Ethical/ Ethnic/ Emotional/ Entertainment
R – Racial/ Religious/ Rights
MMedia/ Military/ Moral/ Multinational (Global)/ Medical/ Mental

Others include Artistic/ Historical/ Geographical/ Ideological/Legal/ Communication/ Government. This list is by no means exhaustive. You can add more topic areas.

And it does not really have to be exhaustive, in that you would have covered plenty of ground if all the letters in the word are relevant, and it simply shows the many perspectives one can take on many issues. Also a slightly scandalous word would… be more memorable.


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