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For the question:

How far is recycling the answer to the problem of waste?


Click on the image above to see the mindmap in full size.

Sources: Wikipedia articles

See also:

Recycling in Singapore:


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  1. what!! i jus did a gp essay test during class on the exact same topic.. pg 58 of the TYS @.@

  2. and i cant see the image… any other links..

  3. Try clicking it again. I’ve tried the link on both Firefox and Internet Explorer and it works.

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  5. richardatanfieldjohnson said:

    Hey, I’ve just checked through the attached diagram. It pretty much explains the UK’s industry, although it seems to grow every year, adding new recycleables to the list.

  6. renew2reuse said:

    hey I think what your doing is great. Im doing the same thing. CHeck out my blog

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