The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).

What is General Paper?

It’s always good to be clear about what one is doing. And I was very pleased to have recently discovered a free mindmapping software – FreeMind. So here is something I did this morning. Feel free to comment.



Comments on: "What is General Paper?" (4)

  1. Hello Mr Gimster,
    Your site is really helpful for GP students and teachers. I’m a beginning teacher so I will be directing my pupils to your blog often. Hope you don’t mind if I accidentally plagiarise you. Thanks in advance!
    M.Y Ong from MI

  2. Thanks, M.Y. I’ve been checking out your blog too. 🙂

  3. *blush* :*
    My blog is really crappy. It’s just for announcements and assignment instructions. Thanks for introducing the mindmapping website. It’s great! No more chicken-scrawled mindmaps!

  4. Aiyo you two… BUT me too. :p No time to update my blog. I am tempted to shut it.

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