The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).

Followed the the link on the Second Life Education page <> and downloaded Proceedings of the Second Life Education Workshop at the Second Life Community Convention San Francisco
August 20th, 2006
. This document contains several papers, including ‘Pathfinder Linden’s Guide to Getting Started in Second Life’, which seems to be just what I need for my new project at work.

One of the seven ‘successful strategies’ listed is to

Publish or Perish!
Write a paper about your experiences in Second Life. Get it published in a peer reviewed journal. Keep a public blog about your work, and encourage other colleagues to visit it. Get your students to blog about their work in Second Life. Contribute to the Education Wiki. As a pioneer, what you learn in using Second Life for real life education is a priceless resource for others who will follow. Share the knowledge!

So here it is. I’m not sharing much knowledge just yet, but if anyone reading has something to share or would like to join me in my exploration, please drop me a line.

Also joined the ‘educators’ and the ‘educators and teens’ mailing list. (See this page.) The first 2 emails have come in and they look interesting.


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