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Dropping subjects

Isn’t it my job to observe and analyse controversy, but not court it?

Santokh Singh, formerly a teacher, says ‘Stop making our students drop subjects‘ in his New Paper column and traces the history of this phenomenon in Singapore, which has been discussed in Parliament recently.

The Off-Duty Ed., Xmac, ponders these issues in relation to the choice between Knowledge and Inquiry, and General Paper, for junior college students.


Comments on: "Dropping subjects" (4)

  1. heyy. stop making our students drop subject so that they have the right to pursue what they want to learn. yet if they cannot achieve results in this meritocratic society. what is the use of passion? haha

    stuck in this cycle as well… even going for GP remedials in jc currently

  2. Don’t you mean ‘Students have the right to pursue what they want to learn, so stop making them drop subjects’?

    Students certainly should have a say in what they study, as should their parents. But what other factors should we consider?

  3. isn’t it really about how well they can perform in what they like?

  4. Alot of the ‘suffering in silence” Santokh Singh talks about is largely due in part to the students themselves.
    If a student if that passionate about his subjects, he will make all effort to continue taking them no matter how badly he’s doing in it.
    My school tried to ‘force’ me to drop a subject (I was taking 10) for the O levels because I wasn’t doing very well. But I appealed to many people and finally got my way.

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