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I've heard people I know commenting on the dangers of Teflon or Aspartame lately. Aspartame was recently discussed in a Straits Times article as a case for skepticism towards scientific research by Andy Ho. At least two other locals have blogged about it: in this blog post and this one. (I like the meta-skepticism in the comments of the second blog post linked.)

As a user of both substances, I am also concerned about whether they endanger our being. Here are two sources that assure me that they are safe for use:

'The Top Ten Unfounded Health Scares of 2004: Teflon Causes Health Problems in Humans'
About ACSH

'Can aspartame affect human health?'
About GreenFacts

I've included the 'About' pages of the Web sites the sources reside on for you to evaluate their credibility. I recommend both sites (GreenFacts and Health Issues by the American Council on Science and Health) as reliable sources for research and general knowledge. (Conversely…)


Comments on: "Teflon, Aspartame and other health scares" (2)

  1. twostepsfromtwilight said:

    I wouldn’t even trust Andy to tell me the time, never mind the dangers of aspartame. I’m told, however, that aspartame affects the electronic balance of the body – which puts it on a par with isotonic sports drinks (which contain real sugar and cause real dental problems!).

  2. Scare is the right term for it, imo. There’s been no solid proof in either the case of teflon or aspartame that I’ve read, and in the case of aspartame, there were a bunch of articles out just a few weeks back with evidence that it is completely fine in moderation. Hope that the education about it continues so people don’t rely on rumors!

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