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Thought of the day

Knowledge is a wonderful thing: You can share it, but no one can take it away from you.
(Or can they?)


Comments on: "Thought of the day" (6)

  1. All you need is some brain-washing for one to behave in an altered manner. Look at the Nazi Propaganda. Yes, so knowledge can be taken away.

  2. Acquiring / having knowledge does not mean one has the understanding and wisdom. I would rather say the knowledge can be shared, but the understanding and wisdom associated with the particular field of knowledge, still, has to be ‘constructed’ and owned by the learner himself. yes? no??

  3. Terence Chua said:

    Knowledge can be one’s set of beliefs also, It is therefore hard to remove it from anybody..I would rather say it is how other’s will change that set of thinking or knowledge rather than saying take away..

    No one can really take away what you already have..But they can change it.

  4. Ang Lee in the chinese movie, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” says that Its all in the state of the mind, and I firmly agree with him.

    People cannot take your knowledge, but state of mind yes they can.

    There are people who are educated, who want to and who should share their knowledge. I came across an organization and there was nothing symbiotic about it, they were parasites all the way. Reason: they were over-educated. The irony they are in the business of imparting education.

  5. Wang Ren said:

    When the technology matures, knowledge may be commercialised —- copied, taken away, sold, saved… Advancement in technology is unlimited, or is it?

  6. admiral said:

    U’ve got good pics, the site could use a tiny bit of work (no offense) its still awesome

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