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The special issue of TIME dated May 8, 2006 (Cover story: The lives and ideas of the world's 100 most influential people) has the following two quotes placed right next to each other in the Verbatim column on the NoteBook page:

'Even in the United States, which has 200 years of democratic history, most of its Presidents were only of mediocre caliber.'

Xu Chongde, Chinese constitutional-law expert,
on why Hong Kong doesn't need universal suffrage

'You've got to recognize there are limits to know how much corn can be used for ethanol. I mean, after all, we got to eat some.'

George W. Bush, U.S. President,
hedging his commitment to corn-based ethanol fuels

I don't think the juxtaposition was accidental.


Comments on: "An interesting juxtaposition of quotes" (1)

  1. Oh, the Americans are not shy about pointing out Bushisms. See this for example 🙂

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