The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).

A bibliography is a list of works read for a project (but not necessarily cited in the document proper). It can be annotated to indicate how each source is useful to the project. See this page for an example of an annotated bibliography. The format for the bibliography is similar to the reference list.

A reference list includes only the articles cited in the document. Go to this page to see what it looks like. This other page tells you how to format a reference entry based on its type (e.g. book, online journal article; the same formatting rules are used for bibliography entries).

Citation refers to the indication of a source of information. Academic convention requires every piece of information derived from reading (that is not general knowledge) to be attributed. This page tells you how. Check out this page to find out why you have to cite your sources. (Look under ‘Basic Guidelines for Academic Honesty in Writing Papers’.)

For updates to the APA style for electronic references, see this page.

To search the National Library catalogue from home (actually any Internet terminal), click here.


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