The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).

A whole lot of data about Singapore and the Internet.

Number of Internet Users

2.4 million, as of September 2005. Number of broadband subscribers – 392 thousand, as of December 2003. (Source)


4.4 million. Singapore residents – 3.6 million. (Source)

For Internet usage and population over time, see this page.

Internet penetration rate

Singapore ranks 11th (67.2%) on this list updated as of March 31, 2006, between Norway (10th) and Japan (12th). The top 3 countries are New Zealand (1st), Iceland (2nd) and Sweden (3rd).

Household Internet penetration rate

42%, highest in the world (end 1999; Source). You can find The e-City: Singapore Internet case study on the same page.

Global broadband penetration

Singapore ranked 16th (11.9% of inhabitants), just behind the US for the ranking in November 2005.

Singapore Internet Resource

Resources on the Internet for Singapore, a page hosted by the National Technological University

E-commerce activity

In 1998, 70,000 adults (2%) made purchases on the Internet. (Source)

Infocomm Manpower Development Roadmap

Announced in November last year with a budget of S$120 million, this joint effort between the government and industry will develop 'Infocomm professionals into globally-competitive players, the general workforce into savvy Infocomm users, and students into the Infocomm talent of the future'. See this press release by the Infocomm Development Authority for more details.

The Singapore Internet Research Centre

Its Web site showcases some of the projects on the 'Internet & society' and other areas, books published on topics of interest to the centre and links to a blog maintained by its researchers.

The Infocomm Development Authority, Singapore

The IDA Web site has a section on Infocomm Facts and Figures with the most current survey of use of IT in households, ICT usage, ICT manpower and skills, multimedia and broadband industry. It also includes statistics on postal and telcom services and quality of service performance for mobile, paging and internet services.

The Singapore Internet Project

This is Singapore's first nation-wide survey of Internet usage and its social impact. The two main sections, adult and student surveys, has the following subcategories

  • overall Internet use
  • Internet usage
  • digital divide
  • e-commerce
  • perception of the Internet
  • political empowerment
  • Internet regulation
  • family and social interaction
  • working life
  • media use

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