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According to the blog stats chart, this blog had 309 hits for the 24-hour period starting from 8AM (Singapore time) yesterday. The threefold increase from the previous record of 106 is in no small part due to Mr Miyagi's very kind feature of The General Paper in his column in TODAY (linked here for the 30% of you who didn't get here because of the article ;-)).

Mr Miyagi's article started off by citing previous reports of encounters between blogs and education in Singapore that were less than pleasant. As a latecomer to blogging who wasn't very interested in such news, I thought I should now (finally) document myself on these incidents.

By the way, Mr Miyagi was a teacher himself. (And no, I don't mean the one in The Karate Kid.) Found this page following the related posts listed next to the one on this blog. Also, it is in fact possible to find old articles of the Straits Times online without paying through your nose for Newslink, in spite of what Mr Miyagi says here. It looks like AsiaMedia maintains an archive of older articles from a range of Asian electronic newspapers.

And here's the list of Straits Times articles I found on AsiaMedia:

The first article has information on similar cases in secondary schools. The second one is a positive report on a service for 16 to 25 year olds. The last one is not, strictly speaking, about a local student but warrants a mention nonetheless.

In addition, there's this Straits Times article commenting on the bad press blogs have been getting.

While Googling for the above articles, I also found a list of education weblogs in the Yahoo Singapore Directory, and promptly submitted this blog.

And speaking of newspapers, did you know that the online version of The New Paper, called The Electric New Paper, has its own blog?


Comments on: "A spot of fame, and a look back" (5)

  1. Yesh, I found out about this site through the artice which Mr Miyagi wrote. I find this site so cool that I’ve since introduced it to my friends… I think your intention and efforts in trying to get your students to be more informed and to speak up are commendable! and this site is really awesome!

  2. Terence Chua said:

    I am Terence,from Millennia Institute(Bartley Campus).

    I found this page through Miyagi’s article also.And its great. So much to do here.

    Hopefully,this can help me in my General paper.Good website.

    Keep writing!!!

  3. The featured article caught me by surprise. No warning. :p. Knee jerk response to it on Wed moaning was: how is (conservative) management going to respond to that?! *o* At least 1 good outcome of it is Terence Chua from Bartley Campus has found this blog and can explore issues in greater depth independently. I am not too concern with the occasional gripe on my GP blog, but some students may now have to sanitise their entries on their blog sites… (*evil laughter*).

  4. I guess the standard response to that kind of a statement on a blog is: Did you think you're gonna get dooced?

    Sorry I didn't warn you about it. I wasn't sure if the story was even written, much less considered for publishing. What did your bosses say?

    Thank you, ZPL, Terence Chua and chwee bock. 

  5. Get dooced? No la… not so serious. What did bosses say? I do not think they have the time to say anything. My colleagues are excited though. Some students are ok with it. No publicity is bad publicity. he he he…

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