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In a Time magazine article (March 13) discussing the movie V for Vendetta, Israeli-born Natalie Portman is reported to express hope that the movies will encourage debate about the definition of terrorism. She 'name-checks', among others, Gandhi, Elie Wiesel, Menachem Begin, George Washington and the Maccabees. And

She points out, quite correctly, that the question of what is and is not a legitimate use of violence has never been more vexed and that hyper-charged labels like 'terrorist' aren't helping much to clarify matters. 'I think the most important thing is that people will go home and fight about it,' she says. 'We might realise that at a certain point, violence might be the only means of effectively combatting injustice, but it's always going to be subjective – what injustice is great enough to provoke you to harm someone else?'


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