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Concept maps are a good means of organising and recording your learning. Concept map applications allow you modify your concept maps easily with the undo and drag functions. You can also keep different versions of a map or use different colours on the same one to chart your learning process.

For a good and free concept map application, go to


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  1. Thorsten said:


    a very interesting approach. Creating concepts is my daily work as a manager, and I’m always looking to ease the difficulty of getting a structured approach to creating a concept, i.e. making up one’s mind.

    Brainstorming is the basis of it all, but converting this into something of use, is difficult. I used Powerpoint, but it’s linear, useful only when there IS already a train of thought to follow. The most useful thing there when being creative is the “Show all slides”-view. OneNote from MS does not need any structure or linearity, and thus none is necessarily created. I also tried Mindmaps, but these mindmaps are tree-like, hierarchical. You can have a valid point in one branch (petrol drives cars), but not in the other (what about lorries?). Except you criss-cross the map with arrows and cross-references. And this is when you end up with a concept map. All these systems certainly have their uses, but …

    This concept of concept map (hence the name? 🙂 acknowledges that the world is multi-causal, grey-shaded and unstructured, chaotic (that could be contested, though). Giving form to that “unstructuredness” is the first step to selling one’s ideas to others. What you need to do, unless you are immensely rich and powerful, like Crowned Emporer-Padisha of the Inhabited Worlds in the Known Universe and Beyond.

    I assume, without having gone through all the material, that there are certain insights which can be won from a concept map after it has been drawn up. E.g. key stakeholders, actions, events. I would use the Google algorithm to roughly identify those: e.g. a box with many arrows pointing to it is per se more influential, important than a box with fewer arrows pointing to it.

    I just wait for a program which creates such a map out of the notes taken during a meeting or a brainstorming session, and turns it into a solid powerpoint presentation, possibly with speech synth so that I don’t have to move my lazy body in front of the audience anymore. Wait. What am I good for then? 🙂

  2. For more information on the theoretical underpinnings of concept maps, see this article.

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