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Maybe it’s just my mood, but I think this post on the The Trend of Trendspotting shows how tiresome the postmodern reflexive streak has become. So says the one who did a case study of other students doing their honours thesis for his honours thesis.

For more of the same in terms of titling, see The Trendspotting Trend.

I quite like the look of this one, The Trendspotting Generation. An article that appeared in GQ can’t be that bad. And it actually tells you why shouldn’t simply believe the supposed trends you read about.

I wonder if buying the domain is paying off for

The Internet is but one of the places you can find ideas for trends and traditions to study. I also googled ‘the next big thing’ and found:


Comments on: "Trendspotting and the cliche of postmodernism" (1)

  1. Hi,

    The Trend of Trendspotting post was intended to be humorous and lightly satirical and poke fun at wannabe “trendspotters” — in a gentle way.

    I personally don’t get into running around trying to spot the latest consumer trends (ahem, fads).

    In fact, most “trendspotters” think eveyrthing I do is way too slow, because I focus on major shifts that occur over years, now what brand of running shoe is hot for the next two months.

    Thanks for reading Small Business Trends.


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