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Possibly a previously overlooked aspect of education systems in student essays and readings – teachers.


Comments on: "‘MOE approaches teacher recruitment and retention holistically’" (5)

  1. Just wondering, is GP free to raise issues in the education system, or are such topics considered taboo? I mean, instead of discussing lofty topics that span life experiences beyond the scope of a 17 year old, wouldn’t it be most apt for students to write about the education system in which they are most well-versed? Possible topics include:

    – The effectiveness of the Singapore Education System (yes, how successful it has been in trying to provide an education, whatever education ought be defined as.)

    – The problem of second-language education in Singapore – English has been widely taught has a second language all over the world and teachers and education planners are able to draw material from this world-wide pool of know-how, but when it comes to teaching the mother-tongue, there may not be good case studies. (Incidentally, it sometimes sounds weird to me that English, while it is being taught as a second language, is considered a “First Language”, while the student’s mother tongue is considered “Second Language”.)

    OK I don’t really know what teachers do for GP nowadays… 😐 Just wondering…

  2. More Com Lab Lessons !!

  3. Terence Chua said:

    This article is reassuring to see the Ministries sourcing out for the best teachers possible.Its a good cause.

  4. Why education? Why bilingualism? Why are there reforms in our education system over the last few decades? What do these reforms and the current policies and initiatives reflect on our nation’s philosophy and belief? GP students who can address these questions adequately would have a deep understanding of the importance of and need for education, and specifically, education in the context of Singapore.

    Note: in order to address the WHYs, students need to find out about the WHATs on their own.

    ps: How many of us realise that besides SIA, our education system is another ‘brand name’ for Singapore? (excluding the common knowledge that we are a ‘fine’ city, free of chewing gum)

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