The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).

Bibliography software

Learnt about the existence of such cool applications from a colleague today.

This is useful information for project work and term papers, reports and dissertations at university. It may also be handy for organising your notes for GP revision. Will need to figure that last idea out.

Here are some such software that have versions for free use, as listed on

Some bibliography applications also support online collaboration, something that can be really useful.

There’s even a free Office suite for people who don’t want to use Microsoft Office at


Comments on: "Bibliography software" (4)

  1. Bibs? Sounds more like thesis-writing than A-level GP to me… to organise ideas i think mindmaps should do the trick. While I don’t like to make mindmaps like they are the greatest invention of the last centuary, I think mindmaps are rather intuitive and straight forward visualisations of ideas and their connections. For more information and a list of free mindmapping software, check wikipedia.

  2. Yes, zlel. Back in our time, students didn’t have to do Project Work as a GCE Exam. Now they do and they need a biblio for the written report.

    Since you mentioned Concept Maps, I’d like to add that you can find a nice piece of software for them at
    Thanks to Cheryl and Peiwen for sending me the URL.

  3. Hmm. Have you tried both software? Concept maps seem to need a lot more input, in that you need to state the relationship between concepts. So far mindmaps have done it for me just because of the ease of use of the software – I’ve been able to casually journal key pieces of knowledge without trying at all… or maybe if you have tried both you can review? oops wrong thread.

  4. For comparisons between the two types of learning methods see and

    CmapTools looks like a well established and amply funded project. And it’s free!

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