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‘Blogs to Riches’

There’s money to be made in blogging apparently.

But I shouldn’t celebrate just yet.

By all appearances, the blog boom is the most democratized revolution in media ever.’  ‘Blogging, therefore, should be the purest meritocracy there is.’ (emphasis mine)


Comments on: "‘Blogs to Riches’" (1)

  1. Can’t be bothered to RTFA, but i think traditional media is a little too obsessed about the New Media. The Net has been around for ages, the only difference being that it is only recently that the technology has evolved in a way that empowers the technology-agnostic “content people” with the ability to publish their opinion online and get competitive exposure. IMHO, to those who are actually blogging, there is no more fad or hype than owning a <insert-the-last-thing-you-bought-that-seemed-like-the-greatest-innovation-in-20-years>, but some journalists just can’t get over it…

    True, the empowerment of the masses by blogs may be the most fundamental shift in mass media in a long time now, but I still don’t think it deserves that much coverage in the Print. I think the Big Issue is not so much about Blog vs Print, but rather the Digital Divide itself. What I see is simply that the Digital Divide has taken a new turn.

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