The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).

Why do they exist?

  • to give security to your property or account
  • to allow companies to keep track of their customers

What are companies doing to make life easier for the consumers?


Comments on: "There are too many passwords in my life!" (3)

  1. What are passwords?

    Password/Userid pairs –

    – IDENTIFY persons to be the ones to whom were given the permission to perform certain actions under preset conditions.

    – AUTHENTICATE persons to be who they claim to be.

    What alternatives are there? Common alternatives:

    – Biometric Identification / Authentication (There are issues regarding biometric authentication as it involves making sensitive personal identification data available to authorised parties in order for authentication to be possible.)
    =>aka, who you are

    – Smart cards / Keys (including software keys, “certificates” and “private keys”)
    =>aka, what you have

    – Passphrases (passphrases are very long passwords, as long as a full sentence that may contain natural language words, ideally arranged in a non-grammatical order – passphrases are easier to remember but still offer the same security as passwords.)
    =>aka, what you know

    Most practical systems make use of one or some combination of two or more of the above.

  2. Cool! They teach you that in Computer Science/Engineering?

  3. In computer science, yes. but you could google* it too.

    *Sorry, just too bad that GP English hasn’t caught up with the use of this word.

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