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Freedom of speech

SK: holy sh** blog has been infiltrated by a teacher.Now cannot say ************************************ animore le ……..

The very funny response after I left a message on the tagboard of 06S54’s class blog. Example of self-censorship.

Freedom of speech is quite a topical topic with the recent Danish comics controversy. Should look into it.


Comments on: "Freedom of speech" (3)

  1. hi mr hoe! cldnt find a tag board anywhere so i decided to comment.
    ur blog is like wow. lolx. so many info. read a few entries and i will keep reading to help improve my general paper! =D
    btw, i think ure a great teacher! lolx. sorry if ive been a pest in class sometimes ^^

    btw, i dun think S54 was the only people who got shocked by ur tag =P zi xuan was saying “mayb it was a prank..” hahaha..

  2. Thank you. (I did not edit juliza’s post, if anyone’s wondering :-))

  3. -elaine- said:

    hi mr hoe. haha i tink fq was juz super shocked tht ur gp blog turned out different from wad he expected. No offence. ahha.

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