The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).

And other topics (and themes) from the movie version of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley

  • Who was Jane Austen?
  • Women and beauty
  • Power and wealth
  • The education of women
  • The setting of the story – What life was like then – communication, transport, leisure
  • The value of poetry and dance
  • Why people marry
  • Social stratification
  • The social status of women
  • The language variety, particulary the accent, used in the movie
  • What better-off ladies did for leisure – ‘paint tables, play the pianoforte, embroider cushions’
  • ‘Rational’ ways to socialise (Mary Bennet)
  • Male lines of inheritance
  • Small talk and turn taking in conversation
  • Social status and expectations of conduct, etiquette
  • Women in corsets
  • Short men (and taller men); Height in general
  • Family and other social relations
  • The role of parents in marriage
  • Gratitude of children for their parents
  • Duty
  • Love and marriage
  • Friendship

Comments on: "‘Would you consider pride a fault or a virtue?’" (1)

  1. I really love the book/movie, it being a social commentary and all. I plan to do gender issues during GP.

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