The things you can do and learn online for General Paper (and Project Work).

I mean, other than being a shopaholic. (I also bought Best Cello Collection, a Chinese parallel import at 8 bucks (non-pirated double CD!) today.)

Books first:

  • It’s hard to read off a laptop in the loo
  • Books have more depth (than the typical Internet page)
  • Books are more reliable (than a Wiki or the typical Internet page)
  • People are more impressed/you feel more accomplished, when you actually finish reading a book
  • You can’t find novels easily on the Internet (somebody prove me wrong please; actually I don’t usually read novels)
  • I don’t own a practical eBook device (see first bullet point)


  • It takes too long to download some songs
  • You can’t find some songs online as easily
  • It’s actually illegal to download most music
  • Even though I rip the CD to my harddrive, I like the album structure because it’s more coherent, even if it’s a compilation CD; I don’t have to click on individual songs to make a playlist



Comments on: "Why I buy books and music" (1)

  1. If you read only english novels, there are websites that distribute free books, including novels. Try
    If you follow authors or read other languages, tough luck.


    – In-depth material on many topics are not available online. For exactly the opposite reason, I’ve stopped buying computer-related books.

    – I like buying reference books as good niche content is still limited in availability online. Eg, English-Chinese dictionary of technical terms, for which even a physical copy is hard to obtain.

    – 404 File not found

    – Knowledge is segmented into different language-domains on the web, but books that sell well get translated.

    – Print is at 300dpi, and the web works at 72. I love expensive magazines.

    – Well made books are a keepsake.

    – I don’t like to think about doing backups for my purchases.

    – There’s something pleasingly quaint about books and bookmarks

    – Flipping thick books make me feel clever

    – Books draw me to the shelves and re-read them, or make me actually read them if I haven’t, but data gets deleted or stored away.



    – Artists put their energies into making albums, and i think albums should be appreciate not just at number-level, but at album-level as well.

    – I like CD-covers and lyrics and photos printed in the booklets. They give music a visual analogy.

    – I want to pay the artist for what I get, although the music industry sucks up most of what I pay and call it “marketing cost”.

    – Physical CD’s give a physical form to the music to which I can feel an emotional attachment. It adds depth to the listening experience.

    – Friends can find an album you listen to interesting by looking at the cover even when the name doesn’t say much.

    – I don’t like to think about doing backups for my purchases (ie, burning CD’s….)

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