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La la la… Somebody say something so I don’t keep talking to myself…

Anyways here’s the image that inspired the case FOR school uniforms (because a Spanish friend of mine found it freaky or ‘very disturbing’… might be the ominous sky too):

Students on the sand

So like what zlel said, one argument against uniforms is that they can be pretty ugly, but everyone’s a critic.

Let’s combine this with some others I’ve thought up in a bullet list to help the ‘muggers’ (read: compulsive and efficient learners)

  • can be plain ugly
  • goes against one’s individualist tendency (as opposed to your collectivist inclination; and reminds you of other collectivist institutions, such as the military, to which you have an aversion)
  • you can’t really tell if someone been wearing the same clothes day after day (unless you get close and the guy hasn’t discovered deodorants; but what about the pants that grown up men wear… guess that’s a uniform too…)
  • the colour doesn’t complement your colour
  • the cut doesn’t suit your shape (ok… I know…. too similar to the last point)
  • most uniforms need to be ironed (whereas if you could choose your own clothes, you can decide to wear clothes that don’t require ironing)

Got any more?

(How some students manage it) (It doesn’t really have to be mandatory, or does it?)


Comments on: "The case against school uniforms" (22)

  1. hey
    i think you are right about school uniforms i hate them! if you have anymore website i can get more infomation please let me know thanks

  2. hey there!!

    ur so right because i had to wear uniform for like 6 years and that really sucks for me and thats what i m debating on thats my topic so if u have any other website or something please tell me that will be so nice thankz

  3. I think that your site is very interesting and nice. Good job !

  4. Some of your reasons are extremely stupid! You arent even thinking about the real facts, its all about how you look! I’m not for uniforms, but you should have said maybe…some people cant afford them, the students will concentrate in school if they want to; what they wear wont affect that and bullying will happening just as much not on clothing but on subjects like grades and the stuff they have.

  5. i love your wedsite my son is doing a report on school uniforms and this site has helped so much! i love the informain on it

  6. hi! actually i don’t really not like uniforms. haha ok poor english there but anw, i believe the uniforms we wear provide us with a common sense of identity. it also accords us with a certain amount of self-respect and responsibility to uphold our school name while wearing it out. more importantly perhaps, it does make it more convenient and efficient for security purposes whilst in school.

  7. I like this website! Good reasons but you need to give more cause i got to do a project on this! lol thanks!

  8. heyyy!
    I like this page but i think you need to come up with more reasons. cause i got to do a project on this. lol thanks!

  9. Ted Nugent said:

    I honestly don’t care whether or not my school has uniforms or not. Although I can say I do like wearing clothes that i pick. But hacing uniforms does have it’s advantages. They do a lot for your image and that helps with later life such as getting a job or if you’re like me, you already have the basics of military life. So i think living with school uniforms wouldn’t be bad.

  10. hey…
    im against school uniforms…
    but your points are pretty lame!
    get better research!
    come on!

  11. ashley jedyk said:

    i think school uniforms are just bland, because everyone will be wearing the same clothes and walking around like robots. School uniforms cost to much for students who cant afford them. Im against school uniforms. By the way good website.

  12. i think school uniforms are something that all students can be against

  13. Heyahh!!!!
    I h8 wearing a uniform! My uniform is black and its really dull and boring and the girls have to wear lng skirts (they are like tents)
    Dis is a good website but u need better points m8!!!!

  14. i love my oRANGE AND GREEN PLAID UNIFORM. i feel isrish… I LOVE IT.

    i love you too.

  15. dude u need better info….. i’m doing a proj. on school uniforms and why im against them… i think its cuz…… parents hav3 2 spend so0o0o0o much money on skool uniforms and they have 2buy plenty because children in school ruin their uniforms quickly…. && if we wear wat we want 2 wear it will b easier… because we can wear clothes that we wear out of school

  16. a person said:

    btw………… i dont like your answers on why ur against skool uniforms :/ :p 🙂

  17. This site sucks!!! (But I hate uniforms so so so so so much) L8er

  18. Jodie Woodrow said:

    I hate school uniforms they are horrible

  19. iam against school uniform because all girls want to be fationable and also uniforms are borring because you wear it all the week we a thing colorful stylish not horrible

  20. your site are cool. but for some facts you had stated about school uniform are so not acceptable. as a student, should we really get bother with fashion? excuse me…student is student! they go to school to learn and study, not to show off their new clothes or whaever it is which are related to the fashionable stuff. and to the people who against it, you are really a bunch of people who doesnt appreciate for being a student for just once in a life as a youth. so i think, FIX IT…..!

  21. fabrizzo said:

    i see nothing wrong with school uniforms.if u say like military,the level of cumbersomeness of the uniform cannot be compared.if u say expensive,then what about uniformed groups which dictate members to buy their set of uniform?if u say individuality,i think social stigma would dictate them to dress in a certain sort of way so they wont stand out too much or be judged truth i believe not much freedom would result even with abolishment of uniforms,instead more problems would far i think singapore schools have pretty good uniform design,esp in sap schools like rvhs,cchsm n chs

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