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Lesbian ‘king’ engenders outrage – U.S. Life –
Seems interesting enough a title. Took me a second pass to see the pun in the title.Where? Hood College, a liberal-arts college in western Maryland, USA

What? A 21-year-old lesbian beat out three men to be crowned homecoming king

So what?

Santo Provenzano, 21, who competed for king, said Jones' selection made the event seem like a joke. "It discourages guys from wanting to take part in the future," he said.

Could "the waves of discontent… rippling through the 2,100-student campus" be due to homophobia as well?

How did it happen? The article wasn't really clear but the final ballots for the contest were "reviewed the night before by only half of the homecoming committee members at a hurriedly scheduled meeting".

What's next? The college is reviewing its homecoming rules, a college official says.


"We were trying to be inclusive of the male population and felt that because of this, we shouldn't allow a woman to run for the position," said Cheryl Banks, a committee member last year and this year's homecoming queen.

Seems fair enough.


What this incident demonstrates? Probably quite a bit of variation in the attitudes towards homosexuality in the community involved.


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